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Order Enquiries 

I have not received any updates/emails about my order?

Please check the junk/spam folder as the email could be there. If it's not there, please reach out to the team and they will resend the tracking information.

I am trying to place an order but the website keeps crashing?

We are working on the website from time to time. We would advise checking the website an hour later and trying again. If it does not work, email the team and they will look into this.

I placed an order for a product but now I do not want it, can I get a refund?

If the order has been dispatched, you will need to send it back to the office unopened in order to qualify for a refund. If your order is not yet dispatched, please contact our team so they can cancel your order.

I placed an order but the money has been taken from my account twice?

This is an issue with PayPal, we’ve experienced this a few times. As the payment was taken with PayPal, you will need to contact them to obtain a refund for the 2nd payment.

Shipping issues

Why is delivery taking so long?

We use Royal Mail 1st Class Signed shipping service, they aim to make deliveries the next working day but can take up to 10 working days to arrive. 

Please check the tracking information provided in your confirmation email, if there is no update, it means Royal Mail has not attempted to deliver your order yet. If your order does not arrive within 10 business days, please contact us so we can resend your order.

It has been over a couple of weeks and my order has not been delivered, can you contact Royal Mail?

Unfortunately, we only have the same information you have therefore the sender is best placed to contact Royal Mail as they will be able to provide specific information such as GPS location of the order.

My tracking information states delivered but I do not have the product?

Due to COVID, Royal Mail is signing deliveries on behalf of the customer. 

We ask you to check with neighbours and family to ensure it is not with anyone else. If not, please contact Royal Mail as they are able to provide better information such as where your order was delivered/who it was delivered to.

I put the wrong address details in my order, can this be changed

If the order has been fulfilled, we will have to wait for the order to be returned back to us before we can resend the order to the correct address. 

I have not received any emails/updates about my order?

Please email the team with your order details so we can resend your order confirmation with tracking information.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, we do. However, there may be extra costs relating to import and customs duties which the customer will need to pay for.

What delivery service do you offer?

We offer first-class signed via Royal Mail which normally delivers the order the next day depending on time of ordering.

My tracking status won't update, is there something wrong with my order?

Royal Mail tracking only updates when a delivery attempt is made, if there is no update then it means your order is still on its way. If your order doesn’t arrive within 10 working days, please contact us as your order might be lost.

Received incorrect items 

Please send us a picture of the items received alongside your order details so we can sort out a replacement for you.

Issue with Bottle

My bottle is leaking, how can this be sorted?

We offer 2 options for leaking bottles. The first option is returning the bottle which would be replaced once received, or we would send you a 2ml bottle to compensate for the oil lost alongside a replacement label if necessary to avoid the hassle.

My bottle arrived broken, how do I get a new one?

We would replace any broken bottles with new ones. To ensure this is the case, we ask for photo evidence prior to sending a replacement.

The roller has no ball in it, can I get a new bottle?

Yes, depending on the condition of the bottle we would send you a new rollerball with plastic housing, these can be easily replaced by pulling the roller from the bottle.

My roller is not working, how can this be fixed

The rollers arrive tight to avoid leakages during transit, they loosen with use but some can be too tight. To loosen the ball, press the bottle down on a hard surface like a table. This should loosen the plastic housing, If this doesn’t work please email us at with your order details.

My label has not been applied properly, how can this be fixed?

All of our labels are applied by hand, which means sometimes our bottles are not perfect, sorry! We are happy to resend labels for you to replace or you can send the bottle back to us for a replacement.

The label has been damaged, can I get a new one?

Sure, depending on how your label was damaged we will offer a replacement bottle which would require you to send your one back or we can send you a new label if you wish to avoid the hassle.

Questions about scent

My 15ml bottle is not as strong as the 2ml, why?

We use the same perfume oils in our 2ml and 15ml bottles. However, the roller in the 2ml bottle is bigger than the 15ml so you would have to roll more to get the same amount of oil out compared to the 2ml.

Why does the scent disappear after a while? I’ve heard it should last a long time?

There could be 2 reasons - one that not enough oil was applied to the skin and the second being the skin is not warm. Perfume oils need some warmth to come alive, pulse points are key!

Why is the colour of the oil in my 15ml bottle different to my 2ml sample?

We use the same oils in both 15ml and 2ml bottles. However, the batches we receive from our supplier can vary in colour due to seasons (Rose Oud batched in autumn is darker than ones batched in spring) but the scent is the same. 

I bought a 15ml bottle and dislike the scent, can I get a refund?

We do not offer refunds on opened products. We encourage customers to purchase the Discovery Collection prior to buying a 15ml to avoid buying a scent they dislike.

Can I exchange the bottles in the Discovery Collection?

No, the Discovery Collection is a set item intended to help customers find their favourite before buying the bigger bottles in case they don’t like the scents. You can buy each fragrance in a 2ml bottle if you prefer. 

My 15ml bottle smells different to my 2ml, why?

We use the same oils in both 15ml and 2ml bottles. However, mistakes can happen so we would ask you to send the bottle back to us so we could send you a replacement. 

Are your perfumes vegan and animal friendly?

We use synthetics alongside natural ingredients to create wonderful, long-lasting perfume oils while being vegan and animal friendly.


I love your products and I want to leave a review - how can I do this?

We always love when our customers leave reviews, both good and back! Reviews can be left on Facebook and Trustpilot - both links below.

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