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About Us

EST 2017

Our journey in discovering extraordinary scents began in 2006. On our yearly summer travels, we ventured out into the Middle East to explore the mystery of the Egyptian pyramids, bathe in the red sea and unearth exotic scents & spices from their markets.

Upon arrival, we were hit by a wave of heat.

Trawling through the narrow market streets, our sense of smell was distracted by something other than food. An unusual yet captivating aroma, something we couldn’t put our finger on. Everywhere we went, it was there...

There and then, we were hooked

We made it our mission to discover what has been following us around to get it for ourselves. Retracing our steps, we went back to where it started; the narrow Egyptian street markets. There it was, like Hansel and Gretel, we followed the trail leading to a tiny little hut.

Only now, we understand the significance of our discovery

Hesitantly, we approached a counter with a vast number of decanters holding scents that shook our senses. Intoxicating but subtle, immediately we fell in love. That’s when we were greeted by a friendly perfumer who to this day continues to works with us in discovering new favourites.
11 years on, we have a monumental collection of oils we use on a daily basis. We fell in love with this product because of its long-lasting nature, its versatility and uniqueness. Our family and friends now share the same passion as we do.

Now, we thought it’s time to share our private collection

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