Introducing soul evoking aroma,

Oud Perfume...

Unearth rare scents from our exquisite oils and blends that will arouse your senses. You'll never have to sacrifice durability with aromatic scents with us.


A generous expression of sweet Oud oil which possesses infinite texture, beauty, serenity and joy. 


Why Use Perfume Oils?

Perfumes Oils are highly concentrated, don't evaporate and last longer on your skin compared to typical Perfumes & Colognes.


Exudes power, prestige and sensuality, favoured by royalty many centuries ago.


A Drop Does Wonders

Perfume Oils are sold in small amounts when compared to perfumes. This is because of their concentration. A single drop will produce the same results as multiple sprays. 


A classic example of fine, rare sensual, complex and alluring Oud oil.


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Oud Mastry

Incredibly powerful and complex from the moment it opens on your skin.