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Why Use Synthetic Ingredients?

Why Use Synthetic Ingredients?

We use synthetic ingredients in our fragrances, why?

Synthetic shouldn't be a bad word in the beauty industry. A majority of perfume companies now use artificial ingredients in their products. We need to find out why synthetic ingredients are used before deciding if a product is for you or not.

We have a misconception that anything synthetics is bad and everything natural is good. This isn’t true, and I’m here to tell you why.

Harmful ingredients in perfumes depend on the dosage and the wearers' skin. Some products, natural or synthetic, may react to one person's skin and not another, just like everything in the beauty/cosmetic industry.

In some cases, ingredients synthesised in a lab are less harmful than the ‘real deal ’, and like many companies, we now aim to make vegan-friendly products, which are very likely to contain synthetic ingredients.

Ingredients such as ambergris, musk, civet, and many more come from animals. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not rub deer anal secretion on myself, which is why we use the synthetic alternatives to keep our products vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

Overharvesting is a huge detrimental issue to the environment. In Australia, sandalwood is facing extinction in the wild. It has been estimated that 175 years of commercial harvesting may have decreased the population of wild sandalwood by as much as 90%.

Going all-natural would also result in far more damage to the environment. For example, it takes 10,000 pounds of rose blooms to create just 1 pound of rose oil. This is far from sustainable and not the direction that eco-conscious perfumes should be heading.

The structure of synthetic ingredients is more simple than natural. A synthetic ingredient contains one compound, however natural ingredients contain over 100. While some of these natural compounds have benefits, some may also cause irritation and harm.

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