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Why is Oud Worth More Than Gold

Why is Oud Worth More Than Gold

If you're curious about its exceptional qualities and why it's considered more valuable than gold, we are here to explain.

Oud is one of the most popular and rarest ingredients in the world.
It comes from a rare Agarwood tree, found in regions of Southeast Asia.

The tree gets infected with a specific type of mould. Only about 2% of these trees produce the special resin needed for Oud oil.

Harvesting the resin is a long and time-consuming process.
The resin is extracted by melting or through distillation process.

The scent of oud is associated with luxury, spirituality, and is highly valued in perfume industry.

The combination of the long and difficult harvesting process, the rarity of Agarwood and the high demand make Oud oil more valuable than gold.

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