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Where to store Perfumes?

Where to store Perfumes?

The storage of perfume is more important than you think to keeping your favourites fresh and keeping your bottle just like when you smelt that first spritz. Rather than telling you where to keep your perfume, as some people don’t like the idea of keeping them in the fridge, I’ll list some places to avoid and alternatives that can also be winners.

We know the bathroom can be the most accessible and most convenient place to keep your perfume, so you have it there straight after you’ve showered. However, the bathroom is a place that should be avoided as the constant change in humidity and temperature can cause a breakdown of chemical bonds, altering the scent.

Places with the least amount of humidity and heat, such as your chest of drawers or in the wardrobe, can be a great storage hack for your perfumes but try to keep your bottles upright.

A place like your windowsill where your bottles could be in direct sunlight and near a radiator should also be avoided, perfumes like to stay cool while they’re in the bottle.

Keeping your perfume in the same bottle keeps them fresh, I know it’s tempting to put some of the perfume in another bottle to bring with you. This is why we range our bottle sizes so you can bring them anywhere with you.

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