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What’s the difference between our oud chips?

What’s the difference between our oud chips?

We offer oud chips from three regions - Vietnam, Cambodia and Trang (Thailand).

Each type has its unique characteristics that affect their price.

First of all, it is the region in which they are sourced. Certain areas produce higher quality oud than others. For example, oud from Cambodia is highly valued for its rich and complex aroma.

Another difference is the amount of oil produced. Trang oud chips are considered more valuable due to the bigger amount of oil they yield, and the oil is what gives oud its fragrance.

Finally, the smell of the oud chips themselves can also affect their price. Vietnamese oud chips are renowned for their rich, earthy, and musky aroma. Oud chips from Cambodia offer an earthy aroma with notes of musk and leather. Trang oud chips, on the other hand, have a sweet, floral, and woody scent.

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