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What does oud smell like?

What does oud smell like?

Everyone can perceive scents completely different from each other, so we can’t tell you exactly what each scent smells like and how it will smell on your skin but we can try to express how they smell to us!

Starting with our first fragrance we started the business with Royal Oud. The first thing that hits you in this fragrance are the notes of black and pink peppercorns with an incense background of frankincense and myrrh. An added citrus freshness lifting the whole scent to another level creating a fragrance that shifts between the daring and compelling.

Next we have Rose, now if you’re looking for a usual Rose based scent this is not like the others you find in stores it carries an extra sweetness. This Oil exudes heavier sweet facets; sugar, dulce de leche with a typical rich fruit facet in the direction of raspberries accented with delicate floral tones

Now Mastry on the other hand, for me holds a much more deep Rose resin scent. The fruitiness of cassis and sticky red bittersweet glory of pomegranate counterpoint this as the full force of rose, oud and animalics warm up and bloom with huge seduction and style. A very warming fragrance.

Dark, a very deep and powerful fragrance, could be perceived as slightly masculine but could also be great as a base when layering, adding something slightly sweeter to create a fresher feminene fragrance. A great winter scent, it has been kept for the colder days. Opens strong, very true to character. Metallic, rose/geranium with rich fruit notes both fresh and dried fruits. Subtle spice facets particularly green cardamom, cumin and a hint of saffron. Mellows into rose oil facets, slightly increased metallic/geranium sensation with more pronounced saffron highlight and warm cumin texture as it wears. Incense and resin notes; frankincense, myrrh and opoponax. The latter showing their true character much later than frankincense notes.

Spiced, some say reminds them of a spicy candyfloss. A slightly different fragrance from the rest, enhanced by the presence of patchouli and musk. Superbly interwoven, surprisingly natural, the oud has managed to create a fresh register lavender and spicy nutmeg and saffron aroma.

Sweet, the newest of all the scents combines Oud, Vanilla with Cognac to create a sweet, woody yet boozy unisex fragrance. The sweet and spicy dry down of this fragrance is the most alluring and intoxicating fragrance we have ever made. It's like a bad best friend, you know they're no good for you but you can't get enough, you manage to get away but then you get one small whiff and you're back for more!

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