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Oud Oil with wood chips

What are Perfume Oils?

When it all started...

Oud Perfume Oil in a bottle with wood chips

Perfume Oils were used back in ancient Egyptian times. These fine oils were presented to royalty as gifts on special occasions. The ancient Egyptians loved Perfume Oils because they are perfect for the hot climate as they don't evaporate nor lose their scent over the course of a long summers day and you only need a tiny amount to create a wonderful scent that leaves a beautiful trail. 

In the modern day and age, when you think of perfumes or colognes you associate them with the bottles that you’d find in retail fragrance stores. These perfumes typically consist 3-5% of Perfume Oil, 80-90% alcohol and the rest is water. You can start to see understand why these Oils are loved as till this day high street brands only use minuscule amounts in their perfumes. 

This begs the question, why purchase a perfume that only contains 3-5% of the things that creates the scent instead of getting the source?

Perfume Oils are similar to perfumes in the way they are used to make us smell marvellous, however, Oils don’t have any alcohol nor water which create a truer, longer lasting scent compared to perfumes. This means that the scent you have chosen will last from day to night and you’ll even be able to smell it the following morning. 

Why use Perfume Oil?

Perfume oils have been used for thousands of years now, they must be doing something right.

  • 5ml could last months if not years compared to alcohol-based perfumes
  • Perfume Oil’s last much longer on your skin compared to perfumes or colognes
  • Unlike Alcohol-based perfumes, Perfume Oil' moisturise your skin while leaving a leaving a wonderful scent behind
  • You are unlikely to irritate your skin compared to typical perfumes
  • Scents are consistent throughout the day as Perfume Oils don't evaporate
  • Convenience in bringing your favourite scent along as they come in smaller elegant packaging
  • Easy to apply with roll-on applicator bottles


Just like most precious things in life, Perfume Oil's vary tremendously in quality. We put an incredible amount of time and effort to ensure our oils have the best possible quality and fragrance. To ensure product quality and longevity we use our oils on ourselves for multiple months while adjusting the formula with the goal of creating the Perfect Oil. 

I wouldn't say we have created the Perfect Oil, but we sure are close! 

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