What are Elixirs?

We had a lot of questions about our elixirs, mainly what are they and how do they differ from our perfume oils?

Everyone is different, we all have our own preferences on how we wear perfume, where we were it to and how noticed it gets us.

Depending on your skin and how warm you are, Perfume Oils just might not be for you as they need to warm up to project their wonderful aroma.

Therefore, we wanted to create something that is highly concentrated for extreme longevity while not needing the same amount of heat for a strong projection.

We also wanted to give you another way to experience our scents, sometimes applying Perfume Oil is not convenient, now we have two different ways to enjoy our scents. Elixirs are sprays that are made from our iconic Perfume Oils, so whether you want a quick spritz or a roll of oil we have something for everyone.