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Wearing elixir on skin vs clothes?

Wearing elixir on skin vs clothes?

We all wear our perfume slightly different to others, so what do you prefer? A quick spritz on your clothes or on your skin… maybe even both?

Personally, I wear my perfume on both asI love it when the scent mellows on my skin after it warms up and the longevity when applied on clothes. The scent will typically last until the next wash and will still develop over time but very slowly.

There are many more factors that should help someone decide where the best place to apply perfume. Here are two to help you determine which is best.

First, let’s go through what happens when you put perfume on your skin, it mingles with your skin’s natural chemistry and creates a scent that is unique to you. Your body heat will cause it to diffuse gently over time.

However, if you have dry skin, you shouldn’t apply your perfume to naked skin as it will dry it out. You will need to moisturise the skin before applying your perfume, and it will last longer this way too.

Second, let’s talk about wearing perfume on clothing. When applied to clothing, you get less projection as you do not have the help of your body heat. The scent generally lasts longer in fabrics as the alcohol doesn’t evaporate as quickly and holds the fragrance compounds better.

So why not mix ‘n’ match where you apply your perfumes to create great projection and longevity.

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