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Uses for old or unwanted perfume

Uses for old or unwanted perfume

When you find a new scent sometimes your old one just doesn’t make you as excited anymore and it gets pushed to the back of the cupboard, never to be used again.

So we have come up with a couple of ways you could try to use your old perfumes so you’re not wasting your money!

When you want the scent around you but don’t want to be wearing it, why not use it as a room fragrance to spray onto the curtains and cushions.

Start with a small amount as you can always add more, but can’t take it away.
You can even spray lampshades (take them off and spray the inside), the heat from the light will help disperse the fragrance!

If you would like your clothes to have some extra freshness after a wash, try using your old perfumes on a fabric softener sheet or colour catcher sheet. Add this to your dryer halfway through the cycle and get ready to inhale your lightly scented jumpers!

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