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Smell good 24/7

Smell good 24/7

Some days are busier than others and it can be harder to smell good all day when you have a lot going on, running around after your children or having a very physical job. Smelling good doesn't just come by wearing perfume, actually, you smell slightly stale if you apply perfume on an unclean body. We don’t want that!

It all starts from what you put into your body, water helps dilute odours in the body including smelly foods we all love to indulge in, foods such as onions and garlic can be strong and affect how you smell while perspiring.

Don’t just spray yourself, spray your clothes, the outfit you are wearing for the day as well as the ones still in the wardrobe. Have you tried using cotton balls covered in your favourite perfume and placed them into your drawers yet? Every time you open your drawer you’ll be welcomed with a subtle whiff of your favourite fragrance. How else would you want to start your day?

Sounds funny but hair actually has the power to grab onto and trap a fragrance for longer. I’ve personally started wearing perfume on the upside of my wrist rather than on the inside and can really tell the difference. If you want to use this trick with alcohol-based perfumes, spray a hairbrush or beard comb and apply it to your hair that way rather than directly on the hair.

Layering products with the same scent can really help get your chosen scent noticed. Some companies may not sell a wide range of products using the same scent. However, a DIY body lotion is always a great way to fix this. Grab an unscented body lotion and add a few drops of your chosen scent, the more you add the stronger it will be.
Keep these things in mind and the next time you’re out shopping grab a bottle of unscented moisturiser and a bottle of water and start your journey of smelling fantastic all day, every day.

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