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Separate Work/Personal Scents

Separate Work/Personal Scents

If you’re one of the lucky ones still working remotely, It’s easy to fall into the habit of working in your pj’s. They’re comfy, and there’s one less thing to do before work.

Unfortunately, this is not great for your well being. It can be hard to focus or relax when the lines are blurred. It's better to have a separate space for work and leisure.

If you're doing both in the same space, you can use scents to change the atmosphere when it's time to relax or focus on getting work done. Different scents produce different results. Some scents are more suited for relaxing, while others are better used when you require focus.

Choosing a fresh, fruity scent can be an excellent match for your working space at home to keep your productivity from slipping.

Lemon is a great ingredient in a fragrance to help keep you focused, ensuring you're still working hard.

Aromas like coffee can help keep you alert and attentive. A little tip, even if you do not like the taste of coffee, making a small cup and leaving it on your workstation at home could be a really great way to incorporate this.

Whether it be working from home or not, we all have stressful days. Lavender is an amazing ingredient used in a wide range of perfumes and candles, which can help destress after a long day.

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