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Scents For Better Sleep 😴

Scents For Better Sleep 😴

You’ve had a hard day at work, you’re feeling stressed and want a relaxing evening? Have you ever tried using fragrances to help you relax before going to bed?

Research shows fragrances can help decrease stress and relax the muscles. There has been a wide range of studies on fragrances and aromatherapy to help get a good night's sleep, and the results are amazing. I have researched some, so I want to give you the low down on what the experts found.

Perfumer and president of Tiziana Terenzi’s advice to wrap yourself with vanilla-based scents for a peaceful sleep that leaves you completely rested.

Rachel Beider, certified aromatherapist, recommends a combination of sage, chamomile and bergamot to help reduce restlessness, lower blood pressure and slow down the heart rate, making you feel calm and relaxed feelings of anxiety.

Aromatherapists highly recommend lavender, as it has been shown to improve insomnia symptoms by altering the electrical waves in the brain during key phases of the non-rapid eye movement sleep cycle.
It's not just me that’s done some research; a lot of air b&b hosts and hotel owners actually use fragrances in the bedrooms to help their guests have a better night's sleep and give them a better review, very clever.

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