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Scents Control Your Mood? - Your brain logs scents like a fragrance diary

Scents Control Your Mood? - Your brain logs scents like a fragrance diary

Mental health can be overlooked because you can’t technically see the issue, however, it is so important to make sure you’re staying healthy physically and mentally.

Only you know what is working best for your own mental health so why not make self-care fun... and smell great at the same time!

There are scientific studies that indicate aromas can provide psychological benefits. Aromachology is a study we should all look into, even if it’s just the basics as it focuses on the reaction different aromas we are exposed to have on our nervous system.

Your brain logs scents like a fragrance diary, so you could smell the same scent again a few years down the line and it’ll bring you back to that first experience, also bringing back the initial thoughts of the scent, positive or negative.

Did you know in World War II the soldiers took handkerchiefs scented with their loved one’s perfumes, so they could have a piece of their loved ones with them at all times, making them feel closer to them and helping them stay positive during terrible and often lonely times. It is moments like this that help us truly understand the power perfumes can have on our mental well-being.

The fragrances that are going to help you are going to be very personal and different for everyone. You could start by using a fragrance a family member has worn over the years that may have made you feel safe and secure growing up, you could ask members of your family closest to you what perfumes they used to love.

Another great way to start your fragrance journey for mental well-being is to use perfume families. Perfume houses have put fragrance into perfume families in order to make this process slightly easier. This is a great way to start your journey.

Fruity Fragrances – Best For Awakening & Energising The Mind
Marine Fragrances - Best For Calming & Resetting The Mind
Woody Fragrances - Best For Feeling Strong, Reassured & Ground
Floral Fragrances - Best For Promoting Purity & Relieving Stress
Fougère – Best For Soothing & Relieving Anxiety

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