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Scenting Bedsheets For Better Sleep

Scenting Bedsheets For Better Sleep

Don’t you just love getting into clean sheets, they smell amazing and make you feel happy and relaxed! Perfect before trying to get to sleep. However, a couple of days later it’s just not the same.

We want to help keep your sheets smelling amazing for longer with a simple hack that will get you even more excited to jump into bed at night and hopefully have a great nights sleep.

Add some perfume oil to some tissues and place them under your sheet and in your pillowcase. 
You can also make more of these tissues to place between the sheets while they are still in the cupboard or in your drawers and wardrobe.

You can also use our Elixir's all over the bed, you only need a spray or two for the whole bed to smell amazing, and the smell typically lasts till the next wash!  

We would also love to hear your ideas! So please email us if you have anything you have discovered and would love to share.

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