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Recommendations for layering Perfume Oils

Recommendations for layering Perfume Oils

We have previously written a blog to explain how to layer your oils. We are now going to give you our recommendations so you can try our favourites too!

‘I love the mix of Rose and Dark Oud, this combination is the best of both worlds. The floral notes bring a lighter feel to our deepest perfume notes found in the Dark Oud.’ - Shae   

‘For me the top notes of pomegranate in our Oud Mastry really compliment our Rose Oud, this is my favourite combination and I love to share this with everyone’ - Justin 

‘ My favourite combination is Royal Oud and Dark, the combination of these are just perfect together. The Dark Oud creates a nice base for the citrus notes in Royal Oud to come through’ - Den  

Top Tip - You can also layer sprays, spray on opposite wrists or opposite sides of the neck. 

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