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Perfume for your hair?

Perfume for your hair?

We all want a longer-lasting fragrance; there is a lot of tips you will hear to make this happen. One is; Hair will give the scent molecules something to hold onto for longer, which is true, but it can be damaging so we need to take certain steps for the best results.

Alcohol-based fragrances shouldn’t be sprayed directly onto the hair. The alcohol contents can make your hair dry and damaged, it can also create a dry scalp leading to a breakout of dandruff. This is the same with our elixirs as they contain alcohol. Our oils, however, contain no alcohol so these are amazing for adding to the tips of your hair and your beard.

So what can you do instead?

We all know this one, perfumes can be sprayed into the air and then you walk through the fragrance cloud. This limits the amount of alcohol that reaches your hair as it is not soaked with the alcohol directly.
Another great way to control where the alcohol lands is by spraying your hairbrush and then brushing through your hair. If you use this method, keep it slightly away from the roots of the hair.

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