Oud, Bottling the smell of happiness

The world has gone through some insane changes in the last year and it’s been a struggle for everyone, some more than others. We want to help.

Did you know our bodies give off chemosignals depending on our mood? For example, feeling happy gives off certain chemosignals which then can trigger other people around you to feel happy too. This is the same way smells can impact social situations, a person feeling scared is less likely to approach or trust someone while others are also less likely to approach them.

Our sense of smell is the most sensitive sense, it is linked to the part of the brain that is also connected to memories, feelings, mood and emotion, so it would make sense that certain smells can improve someone’s mood.

Who would have thought perfume could help everyone, even others around you.

We create our oils by testing them all on ourselves over months, we aim to create the perfect perfume oils for everyone. We use a range of notes including citrus, wood and spice to create uplifting scents.

We like to think there is happiness in every bottle package for you to enjoy at home.