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More Fragrance = More Compliments?

More Fragrance = More Compliments?

The plain answer is no, not necessary.

There are plenty of ways to get compliments but remember that just because you smell good doesn’t always ensure you will get strangers complimenting you.

Some people are very susceptible to perfumes. Someone behind you on the bus might be struggling with a severe headache as the fragrance is just too overpowering. You need to find the right balance for each fragrance.

Everyone's skin is different, which means the same scent could last much longer on someone else when compared to yourself.

If you’re blessed with a oily skin type, a fragrance is more likely to last on you longer, so you may not need many sprays to create a wonderful trail that follows you throughout the day.

My advice would be not to apply more than four sprays of a typical perfume and only a drop of perfume oil for the scent to last the whole day. If the scent starts to disappear, first ask if anyone around can still smell it as you might have gone nose blind.

An overpowering perfume use can be highly overwhelming and irritating. Additionally, over-application of perfume can cause you to get a headache!

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