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Matured Perfumes Are Just Better!

Matured Perfumes Are Just Better!

This is an important step when creating elixirs; mixing oil with anything is difficult, as you may know. 

As our elixirs are highly concentrated with oils, we mature each base for a minimum of three months. This gives the two components enough time to create a strong bond of oil and alcohol, creating a strong fragrance. 

If we left out this step and just bottled the mixture straight away when spraying our elixir, the first couple of sprays would smell more like alcohol than a fragrance. It’s not the best first impression.It would eventually smell like the fragrance you chose but would be weaker than we’d like it to be. Over time the maturing will continue in the bottle creating a different scent, stronger and probably would last longer on the skin. 

However, although the change is positive, it has changed from the initial scent. The change in scent could lead people to believe it has ‘gone off’. If you have gotten used to the initial fragrance and loved it, it would be disappointing for it to then change over time. 

This is why, when purchasing fragrances online, especially, ensure they have been matured for months before the bottling starts.

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