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Matching Scents With Seasons

Matching Scents With Seasons

There are many reasons why someone will switch up their perfume but have you ever thought about how the seasons can change how your perfume is perceived?

Changes in temperature can change your bodies heat which can create a completely different fragrance when mixed with your usual perfume. This is why it’s possible to love a fragrance in the summer, but it just doesn’t do the job anymore when it comes to winter.

The temperature has a huge impact on your perfume so you need to choose the right fragrances to give yourself the best chance of getting noticed. You might not know which scents work with which season. We are here to help.

Let’s start with Autumn seen as the weather has had a noticeably ‘crisp’ change. Fragrances that have a woody fragrance are perfect for the season of crunchy leaves and crisp mornings. I don’t know if the match comes from the beautiful walks through the woods watching the leaves falling but perfumes containing the warmth of musk, patchouli, vetiver, sandalwood, amber, oakmoss just work amazing.

Now let’s bring it back to summer, well in a UK summer, you can never be sure about the temperature, but for the lucky days, we get the sunshine and a couple of weeks, we eventually fly away somewhere beautiful floral notes are the way to go. Choose a fresh fragrance to get the best contrast with the hot weather. Summer perfumes should be applied a lot lighter than winter perfumes for example as the heat projects and makes the scent stronger. We don’t want to be knocking people out as we walk past. Famous summer notes are bergamot, rose, jasmine, mimosa and orange blossoms.

Winter isn’t for everyone, it’s like marmite you either love it or hate it or maybe you’re like me and love it when you’re inside all cosy wearing big jumpers in front of the fire but not a big fan of actually being outside in these colder months. As you don’t have the help of the warmth to project your perfume going for spicier and more intense fragrances. Your skin can also become drier in the winter meaning the perfume may not last as long, so applying an unscented moisturiser before your perfume is the best way to give your scent the longevity it needs in these cold months. The best winter perfume notes are vanilla, cinnamon, incense, amber and spices.

Spring, my favourite season, it could be because it’s my birthday during this time but I also love watching the new flowers blossoming into something beautiful. Spring is when the temperature starts to get slightly warmer again. Notes that go great with the spring weather are ingredients that create a crispy light and fresh fragrance. Classic spring notes include Bergamot, Lemon and Mandarin and romantic floral notes like Iris, Jasmine and Rose.

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