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Matching Scents to Memories

Matching Scents to Memories

We all have an emotional connection to some sort of scent. Could be the smell of someone’s house, could be the smell of a perfume. But one way or another, we have all had a smell take us back to a memory. Good or bad.

Our memories are what we have to look back on if we haven’t journaled them down and we don’t know about you, but certain scents have brought back memories that we thought we had forgotten. 

So, I’m here to propose something to you. 

Let’s consciously start using different scents to commemorate separate occasions. 

A wedding scent, a beach scent, a city scent. If you wanna be super extra (like me) a bedtime scent. 

Our brains are smarter than we give them credit for, if we match our memoirs with our perfumes, we can almost hack into an area that we usually wouldn’t have access to unless exposed to that particular smell. 

Biological hacking AND smelling good? 

Count us in. 

So, let’s take a look at our discovery collection:

You get 6 different scents (name them including the best seller) to test out at your leisure and match the moments. 

We know, it sounds like we’re trying to sell you something, that’s not our aim entirely.

We want our customers to be as connected to the scents as we are, so we’re trying to enhance your smelling experience with your best memories simultaneously.

With the X scents, it’s in your control to ensure that the memories you have with them are the best - not just a smell you happened to stumble across and now it reminds you of a specific time. 

Our discovery set puts you in the driver's seat, giving you the power to choose. 

How exciting? 

Here’s how we would pair to give you some inspiration:

Rose Oud - we’d pair this up with a moment you want to be filled with love. Date night scent we think!

Oud Mastry - whenever you’re doing what you do best, use this scent as your inspiration. When you smell this it means getting down to business.

Dark Oud - holiday scent! Especially in the MENA regions, feeling like a local and smelling like one. 

Royal Oud - commanding an entrance, we’ve saved the oils of the royals for the nighttime. Keep this one on your shelf for those special moments when you’re feeling bougie. 

Spiced Oud - our rarest oud, we would pair this with work. This scent demands respect and will grant applause in the boardroom. 

Sweet Oud - we think this could be an everyday signature fragrance, it’s unisex and a beautiful mixture of both sweet and spicy once dried down. 

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