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Match your scent with the weather

Match your scent with the weather

You probably already know the weather can impact your fragrances. That hotter weather intensifies the fragrance while the colder weather makes it difficult for them to evaporate. So I’ve put together a little guide to help choose the right notes to match the weather and get the most from your fragrances. When perfume is still in the bottle, it is just aromatic molecules; it needs heat from the skin to start the magic, so when it touches your skin, it begins to evaporate and the molecules are released into the air creating that throw to catch other’s attention. The temperature of your skin will have an effect on how fast the molecules evaporate and dissipate, which then affects how the perfume smells. On hot, sunny days, we want to stay fresh, so we want to stick with light, crisp and fresh fragrances. Notes like mint, orange blossom and basil are great. Imagine you’re on holiday it's a warm evening, you’re heading out to dinner with your family, and you want a beautiful scent to match your evening. An invisible accessory to finish off your outfit. Try notes of bergamot, jasmine, rose and again, we love an orange blossom! It's a crisp cool day, we see a lot of these in the UK. There is also a link between the weather affecting our mood, so choosing a calming fragrance can be really helpful on these days. The notes we are looking for here are patchouli, sandalwood, oakmoss and amber. You might not think this, but colder days are amazing for fragrances if you choose the right one that is. The cold temperature gives those sophisticated notes the time to disperse and develop. Strong, warm exotic scents are perfect for winter. Look for Vanilla, amber, incense, cinnamon and anise. Start switching your fragrances with your wardrobe over the seasons.

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