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Make Your Fragrances Last Longer!

Make Your Fragrances Last Longer!

Apply your favourite fragrance after a shower, your skin is warm and pores are open to hold the scent easier for longer.

Moisturise before you apply any fragrance at any time of the day

After you have applied a fragrance, DAB to the skin, DO NOT RUB

Apply where YOU get the most heat, this is going to be different for everyone. Sometimes for me, it’s my legs!

Vaseline has been proven to lock the scent. Apply a small amount before applying your fragrance.

Spray onto a hairbrush, then brush your hair/beard

Apply back of the wrist, behind the ear on the hairline. Hair gives the scent something to hold onto

Wear scents containing oud and food ingredients. You’re less likely to go nose blind with these notes.

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