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Make scents last longer!

Make scents last longer!

There’s a lot more to making a fragrance last than just buying perfume and hoping for the best.

We all know being nose blind is real. However, it goes a little deeper than that. Our sense of smell is to help protect us from danger as well as to detect food. Perfumes containing ingredients that can also be ingredients in meals/desserts or deeper woody scents that your brain may detect as a fire actually seem to last longer. This isn't because of the way they’re made but in fact, the brain picks up these scents easier and subconsciously tells its wearer that the scents last longer, other perfumes that you can’t smell as long could be your brain mistaking the fragrance as your own body odour, therefore becoming used to it and being unable to smell it yourself.

To make any perfume or cologne last longer you need to keep up a good skincare routine, that’s where it all starts. Keeping your skin clean and not dry is important, if you put perfume on skin that is dry the perfume will absorb into the dead skin cells and quickly shed off. That means you need to keep your skin exfoliated and moisturised. Now I know a few men are not going to like that idea and say ‘that’s girly’ well I'm sorry to break it to you lads but your skin is not immune to becoming dry it needs to be looked after too, a little hint - looking after your skin can make you look younger for longer.

You may have seen some of our posts that say about putting perfume in your hair, giving your hairbrush or beard comb a spritz then running it through helps keep your fragrance bubble around for longer. Hair is like a sponge soaking up all the wonderful smelling goodness, saying that it can also help to use perfume on the back of your wrist rather than the usual spot as there is more hair in that area!

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