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Looking For Inspiration?

Looking For Inspiration?

Looking for something beautiful for a special someone this Christmas? How about our new 100ml Elixirs. We work very hard to create the most beautiful oils which we then turn into our Elixirs, everything is done by hand by our three man team including the labelling so we put a lot of time making these perfect for you to enjoy.

Each Elixir can be tested with our 10ml bottles before purchasing larger bottles to ensure you are getting exactly what is the best for you.
Still need some inspiration? Let’s go through each fragrance.

Mastry is a fragrance rich with spices, incense, Oud and that beautiful whiff of Rose. The contrast of the fruitiness of cassis and sticky red bittersweet glory of pomegranate creates an incredibly powerful and complex scent. Bright citrus notes are made to pull you in wanting more, Mastry does exactly that. The more you use this fragrance the more you start to see how much over the day it changes and becomes warming from the woody middle and base notes.

Explain Dark Oud is like.. sensual, complex, and alluring. The mix of rich dried fruit with fresh cardamom and aromatic geranium creates a mysterious scent you’re bound to love. This fragrance is the strongest in our collection so only a tiny amount is needed, once you apply the first few hours the strongest scent then warms into your skin's natural oils creating the perfect fragrance for the colder days. Warming to sensual notes of rose and frankincense are intertwined with honied saffron and piquant cumin seeds settling into textures of sweet ambergris, animalic castoreum supported by the resinous depth of myrrh and opoponax.

Rose is the definition of joy in a bottle, like a sunny day even when it’s rainy out. Sweet and spicy makes the best scent for someone looking for something clean, crisp and earthy. Rose Oud blooms to reveal layer upon layer of delicate white flowers; clean, pure and radiant. Luxurious woods and resins provide comforting richness whilst cocooning musk’s unravel, displaying their soft, glowing beauty with addictive intensity. The perfect unisex scent, natural sweetness of feminine accords blends with the masculine roughness of saffron and Frankincense for an unprecedented and amazing result.

Royal Oud makes a strong entrance, sharp and powerful. It exudes power, prestige and sensuality. Royal Oud inherits its name from the oils which were favoured by royalty many centuries ago when Royalty were gifted perfumes that only they were allowed to wear. The powerful introduction to the fragrance is cooled by the aromatic notes of mastic resin, angelica galbanum and juniper oil. Every note in this fragrance creates the perfect contrast for each other. The perfect scent to layer with others as well as on its own.

Spiced and sweetness in one bottle, you’ll be happy this scent is long-lasting, depending on your preferences of fragrances before bed. For me this one works wonders, let’s just say everything in my room smells of Spiced Oud. The presence of patchouli and musk create a calming effect as they are both seen to reduce stress and anxiety. Fresh from the lavender but spicy from the nutmeg. The best of both worlds.

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