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Longevity & Aroma varies from person to person?

Longevity & Aroma varies from person to person?
We all want to find a perfume that lasts all day and smells incredible but doesn't cost an arm and a leg!

Have you ever bought a perfume because someone was wearing it and it smelt amazing, lasted all day, but when you tried it for yourself, it wasn't the same?

Your body's chemistry has a lot to do with an overall fragrance scent, projection and even longevity.

First of all, having oily skin usually is unwanted. However, with perfumes, this is what you want! If you have dry skin, you will always struggle with perfumes as there is nothing for the perfume to grip onto.

Oily skin is a friend of perfume, the molecules of fragrance are best preserved by the oils in your skin. However, if you have naturally oily skin, some notes, such as sweet nut, can be overpowering as they can enhance the smell. You need to work with your skin type to find the perfect scent for YOU!

We advise using an unscented moisturiser or body oil if you feel your perfume is not lasting as long as others.

Our body chemistry can contribute to your perfume's performance. Our acidity or alkalinity (pH levels) are different from person to person. The amount of acidity in your skin will affect how the ingredients in a perfume will react to your skin, affecting both the scent and why some people’s skin holds the perfume aromatic compounds longer than others.

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