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Longer Lasting Perfumes, Hydration is key🔑

Longer Lasting Perfumes, Hydration is key🔑

The secret To Longer Lasting Perfumes

We know hydration is essential for your body to keep it healthy but what if I told you hydration is also key for long-lasting fragrance. The skin can affect how the fragrance smells and how long it lasts on you.

If only it could be so simple to drink water and smell fantastic, everyone is different. Your pH balance, oil composition, body temperature are factors in determining how a scent smells on your skin and how long it lasts

That's why it's essential to test perfumes on your skin rather than a sample card as they can smell completely different.

However, we can control hydration, so it's an easy way to prolong the life of your fragrance.

The scent will quickly dissipate when the skin is dry, leaving no fragrance. Keeping your skin moisturised and hydrated gives the perfume compounds a healthy lipid barrier that offers more natural oils for the fragrance to cling onto.

Not only does the scent last longer on hydrated skin, but it also makes it easier for the fragrance to have more projection and get you noticed.

You may have heard a trick to moisturise straight after a shower while the skin is still damp then spraying your fragrance, the moisturiser will help trap in all the natural hydration.

Overall, winter is the most important time to keep your skin healthy, hydrated and moisturised if you still want that long-lasting scent, you may already be aware of the effects the colder weather can have on your skin, it becomes drier, more likely to be cracked and less likely for a fragrance to project than the warmer months. That one extra layer can make all the difference.

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