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Is Nose Blindness Real?

Is Nose Blindness Real?

It is very common for people to not smell their own perfume after a couple of hours. Just like the well known Febreeze advert, you may have gone ‘nose blind’.

This happens as after a certain amount of time the human body adapts and marks the scent as a ‘background noise’, this can happen with any perfume, even one you have been wearing for years. You may not be able to smell this yourself, but friends and family will still be able to smell you. You can always check with them if you’re still smelling fabulous.

Let’s get scientific; When you first smell a perfume, the smell receptors in your nose transmit a signal to the limbic system of your brain. There is how the smell is going to be perceived, which affects how you are going to feel about the particular smell, this is why everyone has their own preferences on a perfume.

However, as you continue to stay in the presence of that smell, your brain becomes used to the smell, and you gradually stop noticing that aroma.

The Oud Attar team is not exempt from this and we see it every day in the office. As we are surrounded by many different aromas all day, we are not able to smell the scents we put on in the morning on ourselves but others in the office know exactly what scent we are wearing.

There are no fixes to nose blindness but there are some short-term solutions. First, try going outside from where you are. Enjoying the outside on a nice summer day is a great way to re-sensitize your nose.

Another option is to increase blood flow to your nose. Try walking around or even going up and down the stairs a few times to get the blood flowing. Exercise can temporarily heighten all your senses.

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