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Is it dangerous to wear perfume in the sun?

Is it dangerous to wear perfume in the sun?

Did you know some perfume ingredients can cause skin problems in the sun? It’s true! So, to avoid unnecessary redness and rashes, you need to be careful and follow some rules!

First off, applying perfume to sun-exposed areas can up the risk of pigmented spots and reactions. Instead, spray it under your clothes where the sun can't reach. This is especially important with ingredients like bergamot, lemon, and some floral extracts—they're known troublemakers.

A good practice is to apply perfume about half an hour before going out. That way, the alcohol in the perfume has time to evaporate before you hit the sun, which lowers the risk of a reaction. And here's a smart move: spray your clothes instead of your skin. Fabric isn't as sensitive to sunlight reactions.

Plus, the scent can linger on your clothes throughout the day without touching your skin directly. If you're extra cautious, consider opting for alcohol-free perfume oils instead of regular perfumes. They're less likely to cause issues when exposed to sunlight.

We hope following these simple steps will help you stay safe in the sun and enjoy your summer!

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