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How we make our elixirs!

How we make our elixirs!

What is the difference between our Oils and Elixir?

A while ago now, we decided to bring sprays to Oud Attar, whether you’re a sprayer or a roller we wanted to have something for you. After purchasing the right machines, bottles, tops, maturing containers and all the rest of it we needed to choose which scent we were going to start experimenting with, after a long discussion we decided our best seller Rose Oud was the best choice to start with as we know how much you love this scent.

Now it was time to start experimenting, we needed to find the right base for our perfumes. This was difficult as we wanted to ensure we kept the same quality as per our perfume oils. After many months and different manufacturers, we managed to find a high-quality base that has amazing longevity while being fragrance-free.

After finding a base, we started working on the elixirs. We wanted the scents to last much longer than any high street fragrance, therefore we decided to make our elixirs highly concentrated. This lets the fragrance sit on your skin for much longer and even till the next wash when sprayed on clothes.

Deciding the right concentration is very important for a perfume, you don’t want it to be overpowering as you could give headaches to everyone around while you want it to leave a trail so others can smell it and give you wonderful compliments. So, we tested many combinations over the last year to perfect the right formula before releasing it on our website. We want these elixirs to be perfect for you, that's why it took us much longer than we thought to release these elixirs.

Once we were happy with our creations, we then created large batches, mixed extremely for the scents to mature. We mature each batch for 3 months before we bottle and sell any elixir. Each batch is kept in a cool dark place during this process. This ensures our oils are fully mixed and bonded with the base, making every spritz a reason to smile.

Once three months have passed, we are ready to start bottling and sending them out to you. Each 10ml bottle is filled using a pump so the correct amount of the beautiful perfume is dispensed. The atomisers are then cut to the correct size and crimped onto the bottle (using our fancy new machine). The silver collars are pressed on to secure the top of the bottle, making sure there is no leakage when the orders are sent out. Topped off with their lids and they are ready for labelling.

Each bottle is then wiped down and labelled by hand, yes it is very satisfying when the labels match up perfectly around the bottle first try but that doesn’t always happen so we have to be very picky with what we send out! Only the best for you guys. When we are happy with the bottles they are then secured into bubble bags and ready to be sent out to our customers.
As you can imagine this process can take a long time, this is why we only have three of our scents in Elixir form.

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