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How to use Perfume Oils

How to use Perfume Oils

We all want the best perfume, the one that lasts the longest and makes everyone say “oo someone smells good.” We thought to write a blog to help you get the best out of our bottles. Who doesn’t want the most for their money?

There are many factors that determine how long the scent will last. Of course, the quality of the perfume is significant but skin type is also a factor but when, where and how someone applies their products also make a huge difference.

Our Perfume oils are highly concentrated and come with a roller. This makes the application easy and precise, which means you won’t waste a drop! The best places to apply the oil is on your pulse points. This is where your body has the most warmth as oils need a moment to warm up before they get to work. The warmer your skin the easier the perfume oil will absorb leaving you smelling sensational for longer.

Some people struggle with ‘cold skin’. I myself have always got the coldest hands and can never warm them up.. so what’s the best way to warm up before applying your perfume? After a warm shower or bath, your skin is at its cleanest state, your pores are open and the skin is warm. This is the best time to apply!

If you use moisturiser after your shower, that’s even better as this may help to absorb the perfume into the skin. So apply your moisturiser as normal after you shower and then your perfume oil!

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