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How to use Oud Chips

How to use Oud Chips

We have recently introduced Oud Chips to our website, so we wanted to explain how to use them.
You will need the correct burner and coals. We will eventually sell everything together; however, we are trying to find the best supplier.

The correct burner will have a lid and enough room to place your coal and the chips.

Firstly, you need to burn the coal (the same kind as the ones used for hookah), then add a small number of chips. Be careful to apply your oud chip on the hot coal early enough. You must wait for a healthy layer of white ash to appear on the coal.

The initial heat of the hot coal will be too much for the wood to take and you will notice a very brief Burn with lots of smoke, meaning a less pleasant aroma and more burnt notes.

Pop the lid on top, and you should see the smoke being released. Keep an eye out for videos on this to show exactly what to do.

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