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How to pick a Signature Scent

How to pick a Signature Scent

Finding a new signature scent can be tricky, especially if you have been wearing the same one for years but want a change. We’re here to give you some tips on how to start looking for a new scent!

Initially, keep the number of scents your trying to a minimum. If you decide between more than three scents at once, you won't be able to smell the actual difference between them.

Wear the scent for at least 4 hours before deciding if you like it or not. Perfume oil can change so much on the skin after it warms up, this is the same for elixirs.

This is because the top notes typically start to dissipate first to let other notes come through, the smell can also change from the bottle to when it's on the skin as it mixes with the natural oils of the skin.

This can alter the scent from person to person and is the main reason why a perfume may smell completely different when worn by someone else.

Once you've picked a favourite, roll or spray it on warm your chest, neck and wrists to enjoy the smell even in the coldest of times.

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