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How to Layer your perfume

How to Layer your perfume

You can layer with both oils & elixirs 

So many people are layering their perfumes to create new experiences. This is great, everyone loves experimenting especially when you get to create personal scents that others love. 

This is process is called layering, so we’ve decided to write a blog to help you layer your favourite perfume to get the best out of them.

You may think applying perfume on top of each other while they are still ‘wet’ is the best way to mix fragrances together, however, doing this can completely change the scents which we don’t want, we want to combine the scents together. 

First of all, Perfume should always be applied on clean warm skin for best results. Your scents will last longer this way. You should apply your fragrance on areas such as your wrists, behind earlobes, the base of your neck and the creases behind your knees and elbows. These are the best areas to apply your Perfume as they are the warmest parts of your skin.

To start layering, you first need to pick your base scent. Try using a perfume you know you love as the base. Start off trying our Oud Masty, Dark Oud or Rose. These are great bases as they have deep notes.

You can start layering by adding your base scent to your neck and the other scent behind your earlobes. Another option is to add your base note to your wrists and the scent you want to layer on the back of your hands.

Hint - Perfume oils containing Rose notes are perfect for a top scent when layering as it will compliment almost every other type of scent. 

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