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Hack Your Productivity With Scents

Hack Your Productivity With Scents

A fragrance can do a lot more than just make you smell good! Looking at the benefits of fragrances can help you choose the right scent for the right occasion.

Different scents can help with various tasks, actions, modes and mindsets. When you understand how different scents affect you, you can introduce fragrances as a daily brain hack, adding them into your routines.

This is called fragrances zoning or scent-scaping, it's a powerful tool that helps build strong, healthy habits.

Focus and motivation
A great note to look for is Bergamot, like other citrus ingredients, it is known for aiding concentration and alertness. If you’re not keen on wearing a citrus scent you could also try peppermint tea as an effective way to start the day and feel motivated.

Boosting libido
Rose is widely considered to be the most powerful aphrodisiac scent and patchouli. This boosts feelings of attraction and arousal.

Uplifting fragrances such as Orange, grapefruit, and lemon are great notes to bring happiness. Rose can also be considered a scent associated with joy, but this is a more personal opinion. Which fragrances will unlock yours?

Have you ever tried lighting a Christmas candle in the middle of summer? You'll start to feel like it's the holidays!

Reduce Stress
The lemon scent is usually associated with cleaning products, I don’t know about you, but I feel a lot less stressed when the area I'm in is clean with that lemon fragrance. Lemon is a well-known stress reliever that has been used for hundreds of years.

Relaxing & Sleep
We all associate Lavender with sleep. It’s a fantastic fragrance to help you relax, and this is the first fragrance aromatherapists would advise you to use in your nightly routine.

You can even spray your bedding and pillows before you jump into bed. Lavender isn’t for everyone, so Jasmine is an excellent alternative as it has calming effects on the brain. Using these scents in the bathroom and bedroom in the evening lets your brain know it’s ‘down time’.

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