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Getting More From Elixirs

Getting More From Elixirs

Making the most from your perfume can be tricky especially with the weather getting colder, the skin becomes drier and perfumes don’t last as long as in the hotter months! Here is how you can make the most of your favourite fragrance.

Shower before you apply your perfume, this may sound simple but perfume will always work better on freshly clean skin you can even apply while the body is still damp, this helps to lock in the scent more, so spray your perfume right after you get out of the shower before your body dries out.

We know life can get in the way and you might be rushing out the door so a shower isn’t always on the cards but that’s ok. You can also use Vaseline on your pulse points before spraying your perfume to help the scent stick to the skin, creating a longer-lasting scent. This is also an amazing hack for people with drier skin.

We usually know what type of skin we have and when our own skin becomes drier throughout the year. For me in Wintertime my skin gets extremely dry, my hands become painful and start to crack, this is why in the colder months especially I use an unscented moisturiser before applying any perfume or body spray to my skin as I don’t have the natural oils that I would usually have in Summer.

When you are spraying your perfume you should aim to hit pulse points and warm areas. Good places for the perfume to work its magic at its fullest potential can be the wrist, neck, inside of your elbows, behind your knees and on your ankles and calves.

Only you know where your body creates the most heat, so keep that in mind when spraying for the day. Avoid rubbing your perfume into the skin, this will cause the top notes of your perfume to fade faster and consequently, your perfume won’t last too long.

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