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Get more compliments

Get more compliments

We all love a compliment here and there but is it just me that thinks a compliment on your scent is just another level! However, we can not decide if we like a scent only on how often other people compliment us. It is about what you like and how you feel wearing your chosen scent.

However, we do understand it can be annoying when you love your own scent and hope others enjoy it too but no one even mentions it! So here are a few things you can do to try and get some more.

Match your scent with the occasion, if you’re going out somewhere nice and dressing up you should try matching your evening with deeper notes, something more complicated and sophisticated.

Occasions such as a day out, an activity or going clubbing you should try to wear something fun maybe a mix of sweet and spicy notes to keep things interesting.

You can also match your scent with the weather and seasons, for a colder day scents containing ingredients like amber, musk, tobacco, clove buds, star anise and cinnamon are great, these can also be layered with something sweeter to enhance the fragrance.

Warmer weather creates the perfect warm skin for your oils, this helps your perfume project more. Lighter notes with citrus scents compliment hotter days, this is because using deeper notes while the weather is warm can project the scent and maybe slightly overpowering for other people around you.

When you are out in public, maybe doing the grocery shop in Aldi try to chat to more people. Now, this sounds weird but hear me out, It is rare a stranger goes out of their way to compliment someone as they might find it embarrassing, even if they are thinking you smell good they might not pick up the courage to tell you. It is easier for someone to compliment a stranger if they have already had an encounter of some sort. Even giving them a compliment first.

You could even tell your friends and family you are trying new fragrances and see what they think the next time they see you.

Just remember everyone’s preferences are different, you may really love a scent and your best friend might disagree!  

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