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Fragrances to clear your mind, energise, focus

Fragrances to clear your mind, energise, focus

Had a rough day at work? Try using scents to take your mind off things!

Research shows that scents can really affect our emotions and moods. Take relaxing and sleeping, for example. The first fragrance aromatherapists would advise you to try is Lavender. We all associate this scent with sleep and calmness.

You can even spritz some Lavender on your bedding and pillows before going to bed.

If Lavender isn't your thing, Jasmine works wonders, too. It's got this calming effect on the brain.

Why not give these scents a try in the evening to see the effect? We've even crafted fragrances with Lavender notes, like our Spiced Oud and the new limited edition Midnight Oud. Give them a shot; they could be just what you need to unwind.

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