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Elixirs VS Oils

Elixirs VS Oils

Fragrances come in many forms. Currently, the global favourite is sprays followed by perfume oils which are fighting their way to the top! The main difference between these two products is how the fragrance is applied. The outcome is the same as you end up smelling amazing!

I find perfume oils to be more personal and intimate. When you apply perfume oils directly to your skin, the projection is dependent on your body's heat, making the experience more personal as others have to be closer to notice your fragrance on a cold day. In summer, perfume oils can project the scent very easily as your body is naturally warmer.

Perfume oils are perfect for hot climates as they don’t evaporate. When on a hot holiday, my perfume oils always grab attention. Walking past someone, I always notice when they get a little whiff as they look around to find out where it's coming from. Oils are also a great match for the gym. As your body temperature increases, the scent radiates outwards.

On the other hand, a elixir can be seen as a stronger fragrance as it takes less heat for the scent to get airborne. This means you need less body heat to project your favourite fragrance.

Elixirs usually get sprayed into the air slightly as well as on your person. When the fragrance lands, it touches down on your hair and clothes while the rest creates a cloud of scent, giving you a lovely trail.

Combine spraying a fragrance on your skin and clothing for the best projection. Fragrances on clothing can last incredibly long as the materials capture the scent’s chemical bonds. This creates a trail people can smell even before being close enough to you to start a conversation. An excellent choice for a night on the town!

When heading out for a walk, try spraying your scarf. You'll find it smells amazing till it’s the next wash!

Both oils and elixirs are a great way of helping you smell amazing all day. It's all down to personal preference, you just need to work out what works for you.

For me, I will always mix ‘n’ match them together so I’m ready for any occasion!

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