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Differences Between Oils & Elixirs

Differences Between Oils & Elixirs

Firstly, let’s talk about the difference between the two. You usually apply Perfume Oils with a rollerball to the warmest parts of your body. Elixirs come with sprays, you typically apply it on the same area of your body.

When applying an elixir, the fragrance will drop on your hair, clothing and skin, creating an aroma wherever you go. You’re more likely to use up an elixir quicker than oil as it's much easier to get carried away when applying.

As the day goes on, alcohol in elixirs evaporates, releasing its aroma into the air. This means that your boss, coworkers, and the waitress at the restaurant can smell your perfume before they are close enough to have a conversation with you.

Perfume oils don’t evaporate so quickly. The heat of your skin activates them, radiating outward as your skin warms up. If you’re cold-natured, apply them to areas where your body is warmest.

Do you have sensitive skin?

Elixirs contain alcohol which can irritable someone with sensitive skin. Perfume Oils can help in these situations! We always recommend trying the smallest amount to see how your skin reacts.

If you prefer something that has a strong sillage, a scent that trails behind you, go with a spray. If you want something more intimate, sensual or subtle, go for oil. You’ll get a subtle & consistent scent.

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