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Common Perfume Mistakes

Common Perfume Mistakes

We may think we know it all when it comes to perfumes, but there are a few common mistakes that most people make.

Let's look into them.

Firstly, applying perfume on dry skin can cause it to evaporate quickly.

To help your scent last longer, use a moisturiser before applying perfume.

Another common mistake is rubbing your wrists together. This can dull the top notes and change the overall scent.

Instead, try dabbing the perfume or simply let it dry naturally.

Spraying perfume directly onto clothes from a close distance is asking for trouble. It can result in stains or cause discolouration.

Spraying 4-6 inches away will keep your clothes stain-free.

Lastly, storing perfumes in the bathroom or in any other areas with moisture is a big no- no. This can cause the fragrance to break down, change colour and smell off.

Opt for a cool, dark place like a drawer or cabinet to keep your fragrances fresh.

By avoiding these mistakes you can enhance your fragrance experience and enjoy your favourite fragrances for much longer.

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