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Best Fragrances For Work?

Best Fragrances For Work?

We’re all guilty of over-applying our favourite fragrances. Some people are sensitive to perfumes and can be allergic to particular ingredients. If you’re not sure about wearing fragrances to work, ask around the people you see the most at work to make sure no one has a problem.

Before picking a perfume, consider the industry and the workplace you are in. Using fragrances in industries like retail and beauty could work really well as you may be more memorable to customers.

However, in industries such as jobs in the medical field, for example, medical professionals often work near patients who are experiencing all kinds of issues, it might be best to avoid fragrances in these situations.

We've heard many stories of care home workers making their patients' day with one of our beautiful perfumes, so it depends on whom you are working with.

For those who have not had any issues wearing fragrances to work, here are some pointers to make sure it stays that way.

Wearing very heavy deep scents can be great for colder days. However, these scents need to be applied lightly. Remember, you are less likely to be able to smell yourself so don’t feel like you need to keep reapplying throughout the day!

Less is more when it comes to a working professional environment. A light spritz of perfume on your neck and wrists is more than enough, there’s no need to overspray.

Fragrances with lighter, uplifting notes could be better for the office as they can give off a subtle whiff passing colleagues rather than an ‘in your face’ fragrance that makes people want to step back.

To sum up you need to be aware of your environment when wearing fragrances to work to choose the perfect fragrance for you.

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