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Benefits Of Perfume

Benefits Of Perfume

Of course, we all wear perfume or cologne, maybe you wear it every day or you save it for special occasions. Everyone wants to smell the best they can and as we all know a compliment on the way you smell just hits a little different, it makes me smile for sure!

This is the primary reason why we wear perfumes or colognes, to smell good! You are also more likely to be attracted to someone if they smell good as the subconscious sense they also take care of themselves and their personal hygiene, which is, of course, attractive and more socially acceptable.

Did you know we can trick the mind into feeling happy with perfume? The next time you feel overly happy and excited buy a new perfume and then wearing this scent will trigger memories of that specific time as information about the scent is stored in long-term memory and has strong connections to emotional memory in the brain.

As well as helping you into a good mood, perfumes have been shown to increase confidence in yourself. It works the same way as when you get dressed up and feel good about yourself. As you can imagine overall a perfume doesn’t directly make you healthy but creates positive feelings and lowers stress which indirectly affects health and makes a person healthier.

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