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Avoid Damaging Your Hair With Perfume

Avoid Damaging Your Hair With Perfume

We all want to smell amazing, and hair actually holds onto scents longer, so everyone loves a good spritz on it. Unfortunately, using fragrances that contain alcohol regularly can really dry it out and even lead to dandruff. But don't worry, we know some tricks that can make your hair smell great without causing any damage.

Firstly, you should try spraying your favourite perfume up in the air and letting the mist settle on your hair. It's genius! This way, the fragrance lightly settles on your locks without directly hitting them, preventing any potential drying.

Another tip for great smelling hair is to brush perfume through it. Just spray your fragrance onto your brush and gently run it through your hair, starting from the middle to the ends. You won’t get any on your scalp and reduce the risk of dandruff.

But you know what works best? Perfume oils! They're so much gentler as they don't have any alcohol. You can just mix a few drops of perfume oil with your lightly scented or unscented hair oil, and voila! Your hair stays healthy and smells great until your next wash.

Now go ahead and give these tips a try. Take good care of your lovely locks and make them smell oh-so good.

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