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Applying Fragrances For Compliments

Applying Fragrances For Compliments

Applying perfumes to your pulse points is best for projection and getting you noticed.

The general idea for the application is to apply your scent to the warmest areas of the body. However, everyone is entirely different, and we all have different skin types with varying levels of natural skin oils.

Your skin is unique to you, so your application should be unique to you too! The only way to work out what works best is to try different areas and perfume types.

Here are some things to think about before you apply your fragrance

If you know your skin is drier in certain areas than others, these areas will not hold the scent as long as oilier skin.

The top of your ears is usually more oily than behind the ear.

Where does your body get the warmest during the day?

Elixirs are fabulous to spray on the areas of the body that get the warmest. Throughout the day, as you warm up, the projection keeps improving!

Hair gives the scent molecules to hold to. Applying oil to your hairline around the back of the neck can be a great way to use this tip.

Vaseline has been proven to hold help hold your scent for longer. You just need to apply some before applying your fragrance.

Some materials can hold the scent longer, do not apply any fragrances to materials that easily stain like silk or light colours.

Rubbing the fragrance into the skin can break down the scent molecules and alter the fragrance before you've even left the house.

Applying any perfume on clean skin while your pores are open is the best time for a long-lasting fragrance. Straight after a warm shower

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