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5 Reasons Why Oud create the best Perfume Oils

Oud is considered among the most expensive perfume ingredients today. Originating from the wood of the Agarwood tree, Oud is deeply treasured by perfumers worldwide due its woody, sweet and aromatic scent.

Since ancient Egyptian times, perfume oils have been presented as “high value gifts”. In the modern age we live in, unfortunately, most perfumes and colognes contain as much as 90% alcohol and water, and just 3-5% pure perfume extract.

Here are 5 reasons you should know so as to why Oud smells best in oil form:

Oud Wood chips in a bowl


1. Longer Lasting Fragrance

Pure perfume oils do not contain any alcohol or water, thus, providing a truer, fuller and longer lasting scent that can be cherished even the next day. Just imagine waking up in the morning with sweet, calm and relaxing fragrance of Oud lingering in your room. Even 5ml of pure Oud perfume in oil form can last you months as there is no need to spray multiple applications just to enjoy a long-lasting perfume. A few dabs of the perfumed oil is all it takes.

2. Keep Skin Fresh and Healthy

Conventional perfumes contain a lot of alcohol which Oud oil moisturising skincan leave your skin irritated, dry and “scaly”. The chemicals and additives in alcoholic perfumes can have dire effects on your skin’s long-term beauty. By choosing natural Oud perfume in oil form, you are not only retaining that healthy and supple skin glow, but also smelling fresh while feeling calm and relaxed all day. Pure oil-based Oud perfume creates a sense of calmness and balance within the mind and body.

3. Keep Fragrance Consistent from Day to Night

Alcohol-based perfumes may smell great on you, but only for the first few hours of the day at best. Pure oil-based Oud perfume will consistently have you smelling good all day long. No matter where you are, you will feel just as fresh and rejuvenated at night as you do during the day. Pure Oud perfume in oil form invokes a feeling of harmony and vigour from within, keeping you mentally fresh all day long.

4. Easy to Apply

Oil-based perfumes typically come in easy-to-apply roll-on applicator bottles. Compact and elegant packaging means you can conveniently carry them anywhere with you, including your pocket. Even the smallest bottle will last you at least months and you never have to worry about carrying a bulky bottle with you.

5. Use as an Aphrodisiac

Pure, oil-based Oud perfumes offer a host of spiritual and therapeutic benefits. Use your oil-based Oud perfume on pillows, around your hands and ears, the fabric in your car or living room sofa, and be surrounded by your own personal heaven, promoting deep relaxation and tranquillity from within.

The most precious things in life come whole and pure. Our oil-based Oud perfumes are produced by the finest quality distilleries in the UK while the oil is extracted directly from Agarwood trees. An excruciating amount of time and effort goes into filling up each bottle with only the purest and highest quality oil-based Oud perfume. 

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