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Discovery Collection

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Elixir Discovery Collection

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Based on 4478 reviews

Discovery Collection

Fantastic fantastic fantastic

Bottles of lovely long lasting scents

Discovery Collection

Discovery Collection
Christina F.
Loving the scents

I love the cute little bottles that allow you to try the different scents before choosing a favourite.

Discovery Collection.

Nice smells good longevity -would definitely recommend!

Our discovery

After reading the reviews I thought no perfume is that great but thought I would give it a go so I ordered the 2ml discovery set. After trying them all I must say they are all really nice and they last. The rolleball is a great idea. You can't over do it. Now I can't make up my mind which I like the best. Decisions, decisions........

Rose Oud
lesley B.
Rose oh my goodness Rose

I've tried all of the samples and Rose is the ultimate indulgence smells so nice and lingers I've had someone say oh I know where you've been i can smell that perfume ! Beautiful always get compliments

My daily favs

Hardest thing is to choose which to use! So I got with pot luck. Pick one, roll it and love it!! All of them are so nice. I don’t think I have one favourite but I do have five favs 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

Discovery Collection
Elizabeth D.
Lovely fragrance after the first hit!

I love theses oils though I didn’t think I was going to. On some of them (particularly dark oud) the first scent is a little harsh and off putting. However if you let it settle the scent then becomes divine and they last absolutely ages. Just have to decide on my favourite to buy a bigger bottle.

Honest feedback.

Bought the Discovery Collection to sample the delights and it was money well spent as I have found three new fragrances which will remain in my collection. Absolutely adore the Spiced, Sweet and Rose Ouds. Their longevity on my skin is outstanding and I’ve had a plethora of positive comments about these fragrances. The company is definitely one you can trust so I have no hesitation in recommending them to others. Purchase with confidence.


A real beautiful fragrance , was very pleased with it, the only downside for me personaly, was the fragrance didnt last very long on the skin, i would of prefered a greater longevity with the fragrance, its realy nice though

Another lovely perfume

Rose Oud has a lovely warm smell. Always get good comments when wearing

Beautiful smelling oils luv them

Love it

I love it! My husband said that he could smell my beautiful perfume as I rolled a little on each wrist and behind my ears, he couldn’t believe it! ❤️

Rose Oud
Danielle C.
Rose oud

this is my favourite! love it so much! hope you guys can make something kinda like this but with a added extra in the future,that would be nice too hehe but so far, rose oud is my favourite! i usually buy a 2ml one but had to get the big bottle this time hehe, love it, thank you ❤️


I really liked them. Some more than others I’d love to send some to my daughter in law but can’t find your ad.

Lovely candle

Gorgeous smell filled my whole room

Oud Good

Amazing smells and sooo long lasting.

Bliss in a bottle

Oud Mastry is sublime .I think it’s sensuous , warm , great depth .
Wonderful on its own , and I layer it often with Rose .
I also like to wear it after my bath when I go to bed.


Love oud

Best Perfume

Good quality perfume that stays on you for weeks, even after washing your clothes. Love it

Love, love, love it

Love all the 'flavours' - I just can't decide on a favourite. I need to try the new leather version.

Long lasting

My favourite is Rose Oud, however, every scent in the set is gorgeous

Discovery Collection

Wonderful and long lasting

Much better than I
Imagined. My partner always notices and compliments me when I wear one of these.

Lasts All Day

Highly concentrated scents designed to last all day

Smells Amazing

Scents once smelt, never forgotten. Perfect for creating memories

Compliment Getters

We focus on creating perfumes that grab attention and get compliments!